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Health Advisory Committee


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Health Advisory Committee

From box CP/CENT/CTTE/03. FILE 01: Memoranda and leaflets on health care issues, including For a national health care programme by W. Foster (CPUSA), tuberculosis, The people's health, CPGB submission to the Ministry of Health re National Medical Service (c1944), Health centres & the National Health Service, Essentials for a health service and Humanise the hospitals, 1940s. | FILE 02: Complete set of documents on health care issues, including childcare, coal mining, the work of the party's health advisory committee, health workers, health service bill, health centres, industrial health, maternity services, national health service, nurseries, nursing, ophthalmic, school, social services, tuberculosis, trade union organisation and women, index at front of file [possibly belonging to Robbie Wilson], 1944-1950. | FILE 03: Minutes and correspondence (Robbie Wilson's file), 1948-1951. | FILE 04: Ministry of Health Central Committee on General Practice under the National Health Service, public submissions, letters and memoranda re CPGB submission (correspondents include H.N. Roffey, Robbie Wilson, G. Matthews, Dr. M. Rapoport, Joan Doll and H. Pollitt), 1951. | FILE 05: Miscellaneous party and National Health Committee documents and letters re health issues, subjects include tuberculosis, the health service proposals (under The British road to socialism), working of the Health Advisory Committee, staffing shortages in mental hospitals, industrial injuries, occupational health services, health in the new towns, notes on the Guillebaud report and long draft article on NHS [by Robbie Wilson?] in 1957. Also includes dispute between Robbie Wilson, Hymie Fagan, John Gollan, J.R. Campbell, Jack Gaster & Peter Zinkin re ?misinformed? Daily worker review of 1957 Royal Commission's report on mental illness, 1951-1957. | FILE 06: Miscellaneous party and health committee documents and publications, includes briefings on various aspects of the National Health Service (1960-1962); Communist Party policy : the nation's health (1963); The administrative structure of the National Health Service : comments on the second green paper (1970), The NHS Co Ltd (c1973), Evidence to the Royal Commission on the National Health Service (March 1977); Fightback, bulletin against cuts in the Health Service (Feb 1978); CPGB manifesto for health, 1979; Health Advisory Committee bulletins and Health emergency (Bulletin of Hands Off Our NHS, Feb 1992), 1960-1992. | FILE 07: Correspondence, minutes, papers, etc., includes material on genetic engineering, meeting of CPGB health workers on the crisis in the health service (1976), the party's submission to the Royal Commission on the National Health Service (1977) and copies of Advisory Committee bulletin, 1975-1977. | FILE 08: Miscellaneous papers and leaflets re health service, includes material on: Health and Safety at Work Conference, Medicine in society; resistance to Conservative NHS cuts; Advisory Committee bulletins, TUC material on campaigns by health unions, EC discussion on health policy (1982) and speech by Steve Iliffe on the NHS (1984), 1978-1984.

See also, among the groups affiliated to the National Cultural Committee, the proceedings of the Sigerist Society, 1948-1956 (CP/CENT/CULT/17/03).





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