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Sport under Apartheid, Table Tennis, Cricket, Tennis and Football


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Sport under Apartheid, Table Tennis, Cricket, Tennis and Football

CP/MONT/16. Montagu's politics are evident in his sporting interests, as he took a great interest in how South African Apartheid was affecting sport and how sport could possibly be used to combat the Apartheid; his collection of literature reflects this interest. Montagu was a keen supporter of Table Tennis and the first President of the International Table Tennis Federation; as such he took a keen interest in the development of the sport, with his collection on this subject extending from 1936 to the early 1980's. As an enthusiastic member of both Hampshire and the Marylebone (English) Cricket Club, Montagu kept a number of score cards and records from each. He also kept score cards from some less conventional matches such as 'Champion County v. the Rest of England', 1919; 'Gentlemen v. Players', 1948; and 'M.C.C. v. M.C.C. Young Professionals', 1949.





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South African Sport, Produce, and Racial Segregation

CP/IND/MONT/16/1. These records deal with Apartheid in South Africa and how it was dealt with by the international sporting community: 'The South African Swimmer: Official Publication of the Non-racial South African Amateur Swimming Federation, vol.1, No.3&4, 1975'; Assorted Letters from the South African Non-Racial Open Committee for Olympic Sports, c.1968, expressing concerns regarding the appearance of support for apartheid by British teams through their competing against all-white South African teams; A Memorandum to all F.I.F.A. Members, from the South African Soccer Federation in Durban, South Africa, on racial discrimination in South African Soccer, c.1963; A flyer from the Anti-Apartheid Movement calling for a boycott of South African produce, c.1963; a copy of a report submitted to the Biennial Conference of the South African Council on Sport held at Durban on 12th October, 1975, together with a copy of the Resolutions taken thereat: also a copy of Cablegram to the Australian Prime Minister, The Rt.Honourable Gough Whitlam with regard to golf; A copy of 'Apartheid The Real Hurdle: Sport in South Africa & the International Boycott' signed by the author Sam Ramsamy, 1982/3; A notice to Member Associations of FIFA regarding Football in South Africa, Racial Discrimination and the Proposed Expulsion of the Football Association of South Africa, 1962; and The African Football Confederation, General Secretary's Report, 1970.

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Table Tennis

CP/IND/MONT/16/2. These items include: a book titled 'Table Tennis' by Ivor Montagu; a guide to The 26th World Table Tennis Championships, c.1961; a program for North West Kent Table Tennis Association's Junior International Match England v. France, 1954; White Rose: Table Tennis Magazine Vol. 11, Nos. 3 and 4, 1958; A signed edition of Hsu Yin-Sheng's Speech to Chinese Women Players on How to Play Table Tennis, c. 1965; a history of table tennis in Romania published after the 1956 World Championships in Tokyo; a souvenir brochure from the South African Table Tennis Board Champion of Champions Tournament, 1959; a book about Table Tennis by Ivor Montagu, with the words 'cancelled issue' written across it, second edition from 1947; the book about Table Tennis by Ivor Montagu, 1936; a book on the development of Yugoslav table tennis by Zdenko Uzorinac, c.1981; a book on 'table tennis' by V. Ivanov, 1966; a book celebrating Hungary becoming world champions and 50 years of the English Table Tennis Association, c.1977; a souvenir guide to Table Tennis Festival Week 1957; a card celebrating 40 years of the International Table Tennis Federation 1966; a souvenir programme from the first African table tennis conference; a souvenir brochure celebrating 50 years of German table tennis; notes about and an obituary on the life of AQ. J. Wilmott.

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Cricket 1895-1979

CP/IND/MONT/16/3. These documents include: Marylebone Cricket Club's Final Draft of the Recodification of the Laws of Cricket 1979; an album of cricketers from 1938; a signed score card from Champion County vs. the Rest of England in 1919; score card from gentlemen v. players 1948; score card from M.C.C. v. M.C.C. Young Professionals 1949; score card from Surrey v. Hampshire 1931; scorecards from Middlesex v. Hampshire in 1927, 1932, 1933, 1951 and 1953; scorecard from England v. South Africa 1947; scorecards from England v. Australia 1944, 1953 and 1956; scorecards from England v. the West Indies in 1950, 1966 and 1969; Hampshire County Cricket Club List of Members for 1964; Hampshire County Cricket Club Centenary Appeal brochure; Minutes of the Marylebone Cricket Club regarding pressuring South Africa to submit 'non-racial' cricket teams, 1968; Marylebone Cricket Club Annual Report 1948, 1956, 1957, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1969; Minutes of Hampshire County Cricket Club Annual General Meeting 1952, 1958 and 1964; Hampshire County Cricket Club Handbook for 1956, Diamond Jubilee Number; 'The Laws of Cricket' as published in 1947, a 1973 re-print; a program from 'The Marylebone Cricket Club tour of Australasia in 1936-7'; and a book of Hampshire Cricket Statistics 1895-1968.

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Tennis, Badminton and Squash

CP/IND/MONT/16/4. These papers include a guide to the Royal Tennis Court at Hampton Court Palace, 1957; The Queen's Club, Rules, Bye-laws, Regulations and Winners of Events Held at Queen's Club, 1926; the Royal Tennis Court at Hampton Court Palace, Rules, Bye-laws, Winners of Events Held there and Members' List for 1954, dated 1955; 'Progressive Badminton' by F. W. Last, 1919; Bushey Hall Squash Rackets Club, Rules, Regulations and Members; n.d.; a guide to 'Squash Rackets' by C. F. Roupell, c.1934; Holyport Tennis Club, 1950; Petworth Tennis Court, 1954; a Tennis and Rackets Association memo, 1950; South Africa Lawn Tennis Union's Secretarial Report and Accounts 1973, 1974 and 1976; Regulations for the International Lawn Tennis Championship of 5th July 1951; Rules and Standing Orders of the International Lawn Tennis Federation, 1962; Pacific Southwest Tennis Championships, 1930; Southern Africa Lawn Tennis Union National Junior Championships, 1977; and Rules of the Tennis and Rackets Association, 1966.

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Football between 1927 and 1981

CP/IND/MONT/16/5. This selection of items relating to Football includes: Minutes of the Meeting of the 8th Ordinary General Assembly of the African Football Confederation, Held at the Africa Hall in Addisadeba, 1968; The Official Football Association Year Book 1980-1981; The Football Association Referees Chart, 1927-28; and a souvenir guide to a football match where Hungary defeated England, 1953.

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